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Updated: on  7/18/2023

Click here for a printable copy of the 2023-2024  work days and meetings

August 19th 2023 6:30pm General Membership meeting

September 23rd  2023  -      6:30pm AT CLUBHOUSE
               (General Membership meeting )

December 2nd 2023  -   6:30pm AT CLUBHOUSE
                   (General Membership Meeting)

January 27 2024   -     6:30pm AT CLUBHOUSE
    (Membership meeting 1st half of dues are due at this time)

 March 2nd  2024      -     6:30pm AT CLUBHOUSE
         (Old member stand meeting for any stand moves)

April 6th 2024 - (New Member stand Meeting) - 6:30pm At ClubHouse

April 1st  2023   -   6:30pm AT CLUBHOUSE
     (Membership meeting 2nd half of dues are due at this time)


August 19th 2023 At 7am Workday (All New & Old  Members Must Make Workday On This Day Please call your work foreman if you Can't Make it . So you can work something out with him!!!)

September 23rd 2023 At 7am Workday
( If rains out then workday will be the following Saturday)
Please email us if you have any questions @ mossyhill@hotmail.com

We Now Accept Debit and Credit cards ​​

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Our Club offers 13,000 Acres of  prime hunting land
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